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Vehicle Shipping Tips

Royal Quality Logistics shares top vehicle shipping tips and subjects you should know before shipping an automobile across the nation to cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, or locally. Whether you’re shipping your basic get-around car or an exotic vehicle, it’s critical to understand how the process works.

Before settling on an auto shipping business to send your automobile, it’s critical to grasp these distinctions and more. Our vehicle shipping suggestions can provide you peace of mind when choosing a car transport service and obtaining a shipping quote.

1. Understand the Difference On the Shipping Method.

Open transport is used predominantly about 93% of the time. Not only private residents but dealerships use these as it is a reliable and inexpensive way to transport. Most people see these semi’s on the road with many cars locked in and stacked driving down the freeway The other is an Enclosed trailer. These feature lift gates for low clearance vehicles and are less likely to be damaged or stolen. At Royal Quality Logistics, we can utilize top-of-the-line enclosed carriers with nylon straps to assure the safety of your vehicle. But be aware these cost more and are for usually sports cars, custom cars or antiques, and even sometimes folks who just want extra protection.

2. It Is Not A Waste Of Time To Read Reviews.

When transporting an automobile, you put on average $1000 dollars on the line. You must select a reputable transportation firm. You should seek advice from friends, family, and local dealerships. You may also utilize automotive forums and online review websites to make sure you choose a vehicle transfer business that will provide you with superior service.

3. Be Familiar With Automobile Transport Middlemen.

When shipping their first automobile, most consumers are unaware of the existence of auto transport brokers. So, what is an auto shipping broker? They work between the carriers (truck and driver) and you (customer) to unite together for transport while competing for your shipment with a group of other shipping providers. When working with an auto transport broker, you initially will not know which one will handle your transaction but when assigned, will be contacted by them. Drivers are frequently vetted by RQL, to reduce carriers with subpar drivers who lack customer service and transportation abilities.

4. Most Require a Small Deposit.

If a corporation requests FULL payment upfront, it raises a red flag! Exclusive and respected vehicle carriers frequently do ask for a deposit and a few requests no deposit. Either way, there should be no payment (unless specified by the 2 parties) when the automobile is picked up at origin. With a small deposit, it helps show you are serious and lets the company know they can assign you a driver, thereby guaranteeing that you are receiving the service you want. And if plans change or unforeseen situations arise or even if you find a better deal, some offer even a return of your deposit so long as a carrier has not been assigned yet.

5. Not a Good Practice to Make A Purchase Just Based On Pricing.

The ancient adage “quality above quantity” applies to the vehicle transportation sector, especially given the cost of the car moving Las Vegas. Our statistics show when considering the cost to move an automobile across the nation, the cheapest option is typically not the best or safest. The cost of vehicle shipping firms reflects the quality of their equipment, experience, and level of service.

6. Understand Insurance Policies

It is usually preferable to get a Certificate of Insurance from your transporter. This certificate should include liability, workers compensation, cargo restrictions, and, if appropriate, a deductible. Typically, broker firms do not carry their insurance; only the brokerage bond is carried.

7. Make Your Schedule Requirements Apparent.

Most auto transport firms have specific time frames for organizing a pickup and delivery when exporting an automobile. Because trucking is not like flying, trucks take various routes every day, and the variables are much higher, such as weather, traffic, and client schedules. If the transportation of your automobile must coincide with a certain timed occasion, such as a birthday or a car show, you must notify the car shipping firm and your truck driver so that they can try to meet those dates. Strict scheduling may raise the cost of shipping your vehicle.

8. Getting Your Automobile Ready For Shipment

Once you’ve decided on an auto transport business with whom you’re comfortable, it’s time to get your automobile ready for transportation. If the vehicle cannot be driven on and off the trailer, automobile carriers often impose a non-run or “inop” fee. Making sure your tank is full of gas, and your battery is completely charged will assist you in avoiding getting charged with this cost. If there are any brake malfunction, flat tires, or if the steering is compromised this could result in needed extra services such as winching and blocking which will incur another fee on top of transport cost.

9. Describe Your Car’s Specialities.

Written instructions are quite useful! Explain to the broker team and even the driver later, If your automobile has “quirks” like kill switches, alarms, cut-off switches, and any aftermarket items that bring extra height, width, and length to the stock dimensions. The more information that is known, the easier it will be to transport your vehicle safely across the nation, saving you from being charged unnecessary costs.

10. Standard procedure by a reputable company includes a Comprehensive Checkup.

Before signing, you and the trusted driver will check your vehicle at the pick-up point and record any previous damage, scratches, or markings that were incurred before transporting it. Then at the drop-off point will go over and look for anything that could have occurred during auto transportation. If there is and it’s been noted by both the driver and customer, you can file a claim right there with the vehicle shipping firm.

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