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International Shipping Services

At Royal-Quality Logistics, we are experts in the field of making international shipments, such as with freights, vehicles, or household goods. We take pride in doing this complicated task in easy ways, expediting the completion of the process.

We have served 80 locations globally since 1977 by providing a full scale of ocean freight services and international container shipping. Our 5 main office locations in the USA are situated in Los Angeles, Houston and New York, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. This gives our clients an advantage on having best departure options with an opportunity of immensely competitive ocean container shipping rates.

How to Ship Overseas

Overseas shipping is one of the services which Royal-Quality Logistics is expert at. From USA to global destinations, we can make the process quick and simple. From the very start of shipping your items overseas, our professionals handle the major steps of overseas shipping quite exceptional.

Different International Shipping Services

Using air freights or container services, below are a few of the common shipment types. Mostly, they include vehicles and household properties:

  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Shipping Household Goods and Moving Services
  • International Car Shipping
  • Oversized Cargo Shipping
  • Boat & Yacht Transport

International Ocean Freight Shipping

We are an international shipping company that provides a massive scope of services. That is why in overseas shipping, we have a wide range of options which our clients can choose from based on the best needs of their goods. These options are provided knowing that the type of shipment is also one way to determine whether an option suits better than another.

For example, a flatrack is used by most oversized shipments as standard ocean cargo container would not be suitable. Moreover, there are also several specialized international shipping processes for goods.

However, 20-foot and 40-foot containers are the most used methods, which are standard sizes and high cubes. Although there are various methods which freight forwarders use, these are the ones commonly used for cargo purposes that are related to international shipping and relocation. These containers are used by almost all international companies with different services per container type selection.
The next vital question to ask is which type of shipping container and size would fit your shipment. Your basis will be whether your cargo is only a 100 cubic feet of goods, for instance, a 100 cubic feet of household goods, 3 motorcycles, or a sofa and a tool chest.

How to Ship Cargo Overseas via Container

One of the most popular services under our overseas transport services is the international container shipping. To provide our customers with exceptional time frames and values, we offer various shipping services and container sizes.

FCL and LCL are the two terms commonly used in relation to international container shipment regardless of the shipping container size. FCL stands for full container load while LCL stands for less container load.

Overseas shippers quite often use these two terms. However, you will also hear of these two types of containers – sole use container and shared/consolidated containers. As we put our specialty on vehicle shipping and international relocation, allow us to elaborate these terms.

International Less Container Load Shipping

To better understand this term, let us make use of an illustration. For example, an international move is to be made for a one-bedroom apartment that only has a 250 cubic feet of cargo. Booking a 20-foot container will not make sense since the cargo will only occupy a small amount of space.

In order for our clients to save money, we fill the container they selected with other shipments which are also bound for the same final destination as yours. This consolidation is one thing we specialize in as this is a very practical method with commodity as the basis. It even gives your overseas shipment the most value since you will only be paying for the space you use.

International Full Container Load Shipping

FCL or international full container is the counterpart of sole use container service. This type of shipping simply means that you have booked your own container and you are using the entire space to the fullest. An additional advantage to this option is that it will expedite the arrival of your international shipment as FCL will get your goods to move on the water quickly. The main reason behind this quick process is that while LCL containers have to wait for the space to be full before it can depart, FCL will leave with just your goods.
Each individual shipment will determine how our overseas shipping services should be customized. We make sure that our clients find the best options according to their destination, timeframe, delivery method and budget.