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Royal Quality Logistics - Corporate Relocation Services
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Outsourcing corporate relocation management to RQL. We provide your organization with a leading industry expert in relocation services management for over 20 years combined. Relocation management companies help organizations like yours:

  • Better maintain quality control of the relocation process.
  • Quickly adapt to seasonal staffing fluctuations without increasing cost per relocation.
  • Leverage cost through economy of scale by spreading costs over a broad client base.
  • Provide ongoing support to relocating employees with a single point of contact.
  • Provide expertise in consultative resources, improving organizational and employee productivity.

Royal-Quality Logistics provides companies and employees the resources and tools needed to ensure a smooth and successful relocation process. Generally accounts for ongoing employee support services, supplier management, candidate selection, relocation benefits, and expense management.

North America Relocation

Royal-Quality Logistics provides award-winning services to make managing your corporate relocation program easy and cost-effective. We guide your mobile employees through every step of their move so that they arrive at their destinations on time, relaxed, and ready to work.

Global Relocation

Royal-Quality Logistics helps you overcome the unique challenges of global corporate relocation. By providing services like virtual spotlights, language and cultural training, immigration and visa solutions, and more, RQL ensures that you get the right talent in the right place for the right price.

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